Saint Sarah

{ Lyrics }

I saw it only for a single split-second
But I saw it all the same
I watched in wonder as the world’s walls opened
And my vision all was changed
Description, via words and sounds and colors
All this glory and grace defy
Still I offer these, my feeble, frail phrases
’Cause I cannot help but try

I watched as she walked through her yard in
The rain and wind of an autumn afternoon
She tended her little garden
Fending off the coming of the winter’s gloom

I watched as the birds came and nested
In the trees that she pruned and prepared for them
And raccoons and dogs and cats all rested
Under her eye as she fed and cared for them

I watched as the neighborhood children
Found in her the warmth that money never buys
When they cried, she rocked and gently stilled them
When they laughed, the twinkle came into her eyes

On her watch, the bullies left their taunting
And the timid learned to make new friends with ease
When she sent them off, they went home wanting
To share this love and grace with their families

O, how she weeded out
The lies that they’d been told
And warmed their hearts before they could grow cold

I watched as the girls became women
And the men moved on from their boyhood glow
Still they came and poured out for a minute
All the pains and pleasures they had come to know

There were tensions now, and broken friendships
Party lines and dogmas over which they fought
Under her roof, they’d start to mend rifts
And find the sweet simplicity they always sought

O, how she called to mind
Their long-forgotten goals
And when she spoke, she spoke into their souls

Then all exploded into rapture
And I saw the splendor of this mighty queen
The darkness cowered at her laughter
And her tears could shake all of the world unseen

All evil spells and incantations
Her simple love, they couldn’t penetrate
Her joy that rippled through the nations
Brought low the proud, and made the crooked straight

O, how each creature came
To know its place as such
Through the patient power of her touch

O, how her quiet voice
As angels sang along
Summoned every silent stone to song

O, how she beckons us
To discover all we’re worth
And she calls to life the dead things of the earth

I saw it only for a single split-second
But I saw it all the same
I watched in wonder as the world’s walls opened
And my vision all was changed

{ Musicians }

Phil Woodward—Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Myron Marston—Lead Guitar
Mark Noguchi—Bass
Bobby Jacky—Piano
Chris Kennedy—Drums
Ann Edwards—Backup Vocals

{ Credits }
Words and Music by Phil Woodward

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Currently 5.0/5 stars.

{ Comments }
Mari said:
on Monday, March 31, 2008

I also love this one!! I think both the music & lyrics perfectly give a vision ‘for a single split second’ of something life-giving, redeeming, hopeful. Reminds me of the ecstatic joyful visions of Hafiz poetry. Thank you.

Ricky Heisner said:
on Friday, September 26, 2008

Beautifully done. Keeping the music kind of simple really brings out the lyrics, and captures the graceful simplicity of the character. And I love how the song is carried along on a martial drum-beat, when she’s about as unmilitary as you can get – that’s just funny (in the best sense of the word), for some reason.

(I think the printed lyrics are out of order, and one verse isn’t sung at all.)

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