The Sunrise

{ Lyrics }

It’s come, It’s come, It’s come, It’s come
Sleepers, awake!

If you open your eyes, you’ll see it’s heaven

{ Musicians }

Phil Woodward—Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Myron Marston—Lead Guitar
Mark Noguchi—Bass
Bobby Jacky—Keyboard
Chris Kennedy—Drums
Marylin Marsh—Pipe Organ
Pete Day, Gary Owen, Gwen Owen, Kirsten Lysen, Lacey Brown, Sarah Moore—Choir

{ Credits }
Words and Music by Phil Woodward
Organ arrangement by Nate Woodward

Currently rated 4.5/5 stars (8 votes)

Currently 4.5/5 stars.

{ Comments }
Ricky Heisner said:
on Friday, October 03, 2008

I love how the music builds slowly, like the breaking of a new day, on this one. The lyrics are spare, but have a praise-like intensity. JOY seems to bubble up and overflow from some deep holy place. I also love how it breaks off unexpectedly – as if awakened suddenly from a beautiful dream – leaving only the pipe organ playing, like the haunting after-glow of a Divine encounter. What a wonderful finish to a wonderful album.

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