• Phantom Tollbooth Review: “In between studies [Woodward] has managed to record, with some substantial help, an absolutely magnificent album…his style is all his own and an excellent style it is indeed. This is one album that lovers of good rock n roll and great lyrical content need to add to their collection immediately.”
  • Knot on a Blog Review: “If you love great, thoughtful music – that can be listened to again and again without ever wearing out it’s welcome – then please give Ghosts and Spirits a chance. This is the kind of album that deserves to be heard by a much wider audience. It just gets better with each listen.”
  • Internet Monk Radio Podcast #73: “This is a concept album based on C.S. Lewis’s book The Great Divorce, and it is really good. You’re obviously taking on a pretty substantial challenge to take a theological and imaginative and literary work like The Great Divorce and try to turn it into a concept record, and maybe it’s a little bit 70’s of me to be attracted to that kind of music. But if you like progressive rock, this is of the lighter variety. [It’s] very eclectic—a lot of different kinds of songs, a lot of different kinds of instruments. The songs really do capture the characters and the chapters and the feel of Lewis’s book…and you will like it even if you don’t like C.S. Lewis’s The Great Divorce.”
  • Hope and American Culture from Seattle Pacific University’s Response Magazine
  • Esse Quam Videri Review
  • The Growlery Review

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