Trust in a Sigh

“Well, I don’t see what all the talk is about,’ said the Hard-Bitten Ghost. ‘It’s as good as any other park to look at, and darned uncomfortable.”

“There seems to be some idea that if one stays here one would get—well, solider—grow acclimatised.”

“I know all about that,’ said the Ghost. ‘Same old lie. All this stuff up here is run by the same people as the Town. They’re just laughing at us.”

“I thought they were at war?”

“Of course you did. That’s the official version. But who’s ever seen any signs of it? Oh, I know that’s how they talk. But if there’s a real war why don’t they do anything? Don’t you see that if the official version were true these chaps up here would attack and sweep the Town out of existence? They’ve got the strength. If they wanted to rescue us they could do it. But obviously the last thing they want is to end their so-called ‘war’. The whole game depends on keeping it going.”

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